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Booking your Travel and LeisureTravel and Leisure

Sourcing and booking restaurants, weekends away, family holiday.

Do you need help organising or researching a travel or leisure activity?  I can find that restaurant and book it for that family lunch or romantic evening for two, or that cottage for your weekend get away. 

Want to do something different for your family holiday this year?  I can research what’s available and summarise the information and opportunities for you.  Are you a Single feeling daunted by the idea of going on holiday by yourself; there are many holiday companies specialising in Singles now; I can do the research and find your ideal holiday and even drive with you to see you off.

Your child wants to start football or aerial trapeze but you don’t know what’s available? Ask me and I will find out.

Want to join a walking group, start yoga or find a holiday where you learn to cook Indian food, maybe in India?!!  I can find out what is on and when, where it is and even come with you that first time if it feels a bit daunting going by yourself.

Need to find out if it would be cheaper to travel by coach or train or whether to drive?  Book travel tickets?  I can help.

Something not on the list? Ask me and I will try and help.

Need an extra pair of hands?

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