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I decided to set up this business because:

I have a genuine wish to help others

I recognise that, in this country, many people struggle to achieve a healthy work/life balance and I would like to help others achieve this.

I realise that many people are either stressed and have no time, are isolated from family, are lonely and/or have nobody to help them or are older and not coping as well as in the past.

We have amazing advances in technology but many people remain anxious, stressed or isolated and need support of others at certain times in their lives.

People are social creatures; we need to talk, share ideas, problems and experiences and increasingly we don’t make time to spend with others.

Any of us can experience sudden crises or life changes and can need help but often don’t know where to find that help.  This could be divorce, death, illness or accident, loss of a job or home; we all need support at such times.

I understand that some people may have family or friends who could help them but are too proud to ask for ‘free’ help, who realise that their family and friends are also very busy or stressed or maybe don’t feel those people have the skills or attitude to help them.

I know that often, we spend a lot of time at work, earning money to pay bills, rushing around buying things for our family and homes and can often feel we are on a treadmill running ever faster to just stay still with an underlying feeling that we are not sure what it is all for.  Sometimes it just needs someone with an objective view who can help get us back on track.

I realise that many of us may have a genuinely balanced and mostly happy life but we all have times when things go wrong and we need help.  It is not always easy to ask for that help.

I know that it is not always easy to find the right person to help eg due to lack of time, an uncertainty as to what is available or needing one person to do several different things.


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