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Small Project ManagementSmall Project Management

Keeping an eye on extensions, sourcing materials/furniture

You are at work full time but you have tradespeople coming in to do work in your house.  They all know what they have to do but some coordination and communication is needed to help it all run smoothly. 

It’s not a massive project; if it was, you would have a Foreman on site but it’s tricky trying to manage even a small project of this size as well as working.  In this case, I could act as a point of contact/liaison, come in once or twice a day to check what is happening or let people in.  You were getting the paint for the painter but forgot to buy it?  I could get it for you.  You needed that delivery to arrive before the bricklayer came and it hasn’t come?  I can chase it for you and delay the bricklayer.

You are doing up a house ready to let but running out of time or energy?  All painted but need to source some furniture for it?  I can do that for you.  This might include simply researching and ordering brand new furniture or it could be finding second hand items and organising payment and delivery.

Maybe you simply need some quotes organised by tradespeople, with someone to be there to let them in to see the job, take measurements etc and leave.  I can do this.

Something not listed?  Ask me and I will try and help.

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