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Sourcing Staff or TradespeopleSourcing Staff or Tradespeople

Tradespeople, child-minder, gardener, personal carer, dog walker

Life is hectic and you don’t know which way to turn.  You can’t see the wood for the trees.  You feel overwhelmed and know you need help.  What do you do first?  What’s the most important task?  Or you know what is needed but simply don’t have the time to do it.

If this includes sourcing help for your home or lifestyle, talk to me and I can help you organise services or people. It might be that regular gardener or cleaner or it might be checking out nurseries or child-minders for your young child. 

Are you worried about a parent or grandparent?  Think (or know) that they need help but don’t know where to turn to get it or even quite what they need?  I could go and see them and talk things through, make phone calls, find that help and give you the peace of mind knowing you have instigated the help they need, even though you couldn’t help personally due to work or other commitments.  That help might be a cleaner, personal carer or gardener or it might be one off help that I could provide helping to convert the study into a bedroom for a newly disabled parent.

Need a plumber?  A carpenter? Someone to fix the washing machine? I can find someone for you and even be there to let them in when they come round.  Or, if you prefer, I can find a few tradespeople to come and do quotes for the job and you can take it from there.
Something not listed? Ask me and I will try and help.

Need an extra pair of hands?

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