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Kevin F, Wellingborough (cooking, shopping, wallpaper stripping, wedding preparation)

We needed someone to manage our 8 bed Georgian home and look after us while it was being refurbished from top to bottom and while we were planning our wedding to take place at home.  Mary was introduced to us via Workaway (volunteering website).  We didn't know Mary and obviously letting anyone you don't know into your home can be a worry.

It was clear from day one that Mary just got it and made it possible for us not to worry about the day to day stuff so we could focus on the refurb and the wedding.  Mary did everything to make life easier, from doing the food shop, laundry, organising and preparing delicious meals for us and other helpers staying during the refurb, household administration, single handedly washing the crockery, cutlery and glasses for 150 guests, ran errands, sanding an 18th Century staircase spanning multiple floors, wall paper stripping, painting, helping us pick soft furnishings and furniture, building flat pack furniture, constantly moving boxes and furniture from room to room as the refurbishment progressed - to name just a few.

We could not have coped through such a busy period without Mary's commitment, tenacity, guidance and friendship.  It was wonderful that Mary came back a second time to help with final wedding preparations and to join us on the big day. Mary has a massive capacity to spin lots of plates and keep everything running smoothly and is such a friendly, jolly and down to earth person who helped us stay positive during the most stressful period I've experienced in life so far!

It's true - everybody needs a Mary. 

Many thanks

Philip C, Ronda, Spain (chambermaid, reception and waitressing in hotel)

Mary stayed with us for a month this spring (2015) - which is one of our busy times of year. She was always very willing and flexible, dealing with the sometimes hectic conditions with calm and assurance, and always showed initiative and a desire to help with whatever was needed. She even found time to write work notes and instructions for future volunteers!

Mary has an easy, outgoing nature and was always good company to have around. I would certainly recommend her for any position - she is the sort of person who will always show initiative and quickly work out where her assistance is most needed.

Rosa F, Camarasa, Spain (housework and help with English language)

My family recommends having Mary as a volunteer at home.

It was very easy to me to ask her the kind of help we needed because she got it quickly. It didn't matter what we asked her to do because she understood every thing: maintaining the house, doing the housework, teaching English ,...

She shared openly her friendship and culture with us, and was very friendly with our friends and students. In addition I want to say that she is a very good teacher of English, she has an excellent diction and is very helpful.

Apart from that, Mary was very friendly and a good person. In my opinion, this is the most important thing. Personally, I will be always grateful about her advices for my daughter Rosa and also for her open friendship.

Even we really miss her, we have now a good friend who we hope meet soon. Many thanks for being at home, Mary and good luck in your interesting trip.

Ali H, Wingham, Canterbury (decluttering)

Mary came to my house to help with the re-organisation of my dressing room. I found her to be most helpful, organised and very innovative.
She turned up on time and with boxes in tow and got stuck straight into the task in hand.

I would not hesitate to recommend her for her organisational skills and her pleasant and friendly nature!

I wish Mary well with her new venture! 

Sam T, Faversham (moving house)

Mary has helped me in many ways over the years; we recently moved and Mary tirelessly, with energy and good humour, helped us pack, clean, transport and unload all of our worldly goods for the new house. I'm not sure how we would have done it without her. Mary has helped me move in previously and made the dismal flat I moved to feel calmer, cleaner and cosier. Nothing is too much trouble for Mary; and she was happy to help with sorting boxes, making a much needed cuppa, picking up any supplies needed, keeping everyone going and generally making a house a home. 

David E, Folkestone (moving house)

Mary stepped in at very short notice and helped me pack my possessions and unpack at the other end.  Mary was very efficient, helpful and thoroughly pleasant company at what is always a stressful time.  I have no hesitation in recommending her services

Gill D,  Boughton, Faversham (wedding canapés)

I had taken it upon myself to provide canapes for 100 people for my son's wedding. The big week arrived and there seemed so much to do. Despite having caterers for the main meals I had offered to do the canapes. Three easy ones. Wraps containing hummus and asparagus, another wrap with salmon and philadelphia. I could make these the night before but they would need to be cut up into small rounds and arranged decoratively on plates when we arrived at the venue. The third canape was chicory with red onion chutney and dolcelatte. These wilt so would need to be made fresh, just an hour before - Probably doesn't sound a lot but when it is for 100 people! Argghh panic!! How could this be done when you are mother of the groom? The answer was of course "EVERYONE NEEDS A MARY".  And yes, one quick phone call and Mary had arranged to meet me at the venue and prepare these whilst the ceremony was in progress. This took such a weight off my mind and I knew that she would not let me down. So would I recommend Mary to anyone? Well Yes I definitely would.

Doris C, Wingham, Canterbury (cat care)

I needed someone to feed the cat while I was away for a few days so contacted Mary to see if she could help.  Everything was quickly arranged and she came in daily, as planned.  My cat looked well and happy on my return and the kitchen was clean and tidy.  It was reassuring knowing someone trustworthy and reliable was taking care of my cat in my absence.

Tina I, Wingham, Canterbury (decluttering)

I am very busy but needed to have a clear out of my wardrobe and called Mary to give me a hand.  I picked out the clothes I didn't want or need any more and after a sort out, Mary took some to a local Clothes Agency for me and collected the sales money for me after the agreed period and took everything else to a charity shop.   I could have done this myself but just didn't have the time so it was great to have someone come in and just sort this all out for me - another thing out of the way!

Susan W, Faversham (moving house and rescue from the south of France)

Marvellous Mary has been a miracle worker for me and I could not do without her now that I have found this service!

  1. In the summer of 2015, feeling rather stressed as I was about to downsize I contacted Mary in desperation. The stress of buying a selling a property had taken its toll and then once the contracts had been exchanged I did not have long to get packed. I discovered Mary's service and asked her to come and help with the packing up. I had far too much stuff to fit into my new home and I was feeling very tired and worn down but Mary was so "mindful" and soon realized this and without taking over she offered me the support I needed as well as the practical help. This meant that items were sent to charity shops, given away or packed without me needing to do it all myself. Mary was very adaptable and as I could only manage 4 or 5 hours per day this is what we did together.
  2. My move was a great success thanks to Mary. In June I travelled down on my own to the Dordogne (France) with my two dogs and planned to stay for 3 to 6 weeks.  I did not book return travel accommodation as I was not sure of my dates. When I then felt ill due to the heat and felt I really wanted to get back I was unable to find a place to stay over the night on my way to Calais. Luckily I thought of Mary! Marvellous Mary said " Yes, no problem!" She then arranged her own flights and train journey and when I collected her from Bergerac airport she smiled and I knew that Mindful Mary would keep me calm and that even though it was 40 degrees centigrade the journey home would be fine. The next morning we set off early, I drove a little but then Mary did the rest! And when we were stuck in a jam in Rouen in the lunchtime heat Mary did not panic and all went well!! Everyone needs a Mary! Within 24 hours of picking Mary up we were home! Marvellous!

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