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Extended FamilyExtended Family

Errands, company to older people, transport for appointments/events, help after hospital discharge

You have people you care about or feel responsible for, outside your immediate family that you live with.  This might be parents or grandparents, a sibling or adult children living away from home now.  You would like to help them with something but, for some reason, this is not possible and you need someone to help them instead of you.

Is this elderly parents who have recently become a little less able?  They don’t need carers but they might need someone to pop in once a week to check how they are?  To take them shopping once a week or accompany them to that hospital appointment?  Maybe they are not well enough to leave the house and need someone to go to town to do a few tasks on their behalf.  Are they normally independent but have recently been in hospital or had a fall and need help temporarily with household activities, company or one off tasks around the home or garden?  I can help.

Are you older but have adult children living independently who you would like to help?  Do they need help with some aspect of their lives?  Do they need to declutter before new baby’s arrival? (also see Decluttering) or maybe they help with school transport temporarily or because the family’s Dad has broken his leg playing football?  If they are going to move house, I can also help (also see Moving House).

Something not on the list? Ask me and I will try and help.

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