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Support after new baby, separation/divorce, retirement, bereavement, accident or illness

We all go through changes in life, some that we choose and some that happen to us; sometimes, these changes generate joy but often they also cause shock, distress, additional work or emotional difficulties, when we have to adjust to these new situations.  Not all of us have family or friends to call on when these events happen and some support is needed temporarily.

A new baby might bring much happiness but it can also bring sleepless nights, stress trying to cope with older children or the housework.  I could come in and help with other tasks, freeing you up to take care of the new baby and yourself until you feel ready to cope by yourself again.

Separation and divorce can be very traumatic and you may need practical help to find the papers you need for the solicitor.  You might need to move out of the family home and need help finding somewhere else to live or to pack up and unpack or maybe you have a new partner about to move in and too much furniture to accommodate in your house.  You could be new to the area due to a recent separation or divorce and need someone to talk to, to accompany you initially to events or to build up your confidence and resources to restart your life.  You may need practical support to organise your home, furniture, clothes and kick start a new social life.

Maybe one of your parents has recently died and the other parent is finding it difficult to adjust and to cope with the loss.  Do they need help organising a funeral? Or they might need help with sensitively going through the belongings of the spouse and disposing of them or organising a place for a few treasured possessions to remind them of this person.  Or they have never mowed the grass or done their own cooking before and just need some support with these practical tasks.

If someone has recently been ill or come out of hospital, help may be needed with practical tasks around the home and garden.  This could be housework or it could be picking up prescriptions, food and library books or help getting to the doctors for the follow up appointment.

Sometimes difficult life changes can lead to isolation and depression but some help and support at such times can help avoid this.  Do you or your friend or relative just need someone to talk things through a few times and get ideas on how to make positive changes to their life?  I am not a counsellor but sometimes a sympathetic ear, some empathy and some practical support might be all that is needed.

I can help with any of the above.

Something not listed? Ask me and I will try and help.

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